Rabaki Store offers you an amazing opportunity to earn with us as a reseller. A reseller is someone who
sells our products.

As a reseller you will be eligible to earn a discount on all bulk orders you make so that you, as a reseller, can sell our products in your local area and earn a profit for doing so. Resellers sometimes serve as delivery points close to where customers are located.

Becoming a reseller is not only just an opportunity for you to earn, but also helps build your confidence as an aspiring entrepreneur. In addition, this is a great opportunity to improve your marketing and sales skills with each sale you make.

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Rabaki Store offers you profit - making discounts on all bulk orders you make as a reseller.

If you order 6 to 10 products you can get 14% OFF your order.

If you order 11 to 20 products you can get 16% OFF your order.

If you order 21 to 50 products you can get 18% OFF your order.

If you order 51 to 100 products you can get 20% OFF your order.

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