Rabaki Store believes that the youth have the Power and the Potential to improvise
no matter the circumstances, and thus create Value and Prosper against all odds.

We are a youth organisation that believes in the power of technology and effective partnering.
At the core of Rabaki Store is the capability to implement software products, coupled with
the complimentary skill to influence and partner with other influencers to create comprehensive
value which leverages off technology.

Rabaki Store believes that Technology and Effective Partnering can be used to create an
ecosystem that empowers all its stakeholders, predominantly the youth of Africa. This can be seen in our Merchant
Program which allows merchants to retail their products on our store as well as the
Reseller program which allows the youth to buy products from these merchants at a discount and
resell them in their respective communities at a mark-up.


The founding of Rabaki Store resulted from the coming together of Technology
and Media to create an ecosystem which synergistically leverages both disciplines.
Khashane Motloutsi conceptualized Rabaki Store in early 2016, as part of product development
under Zartner Technology, which is a Software Development company
co-founded by Khashane in April 2012.

Jonas Lekganyane is the founder of Rams Comics who partnered with Rabaki Store
at our inception. Jonas brings with him the influence developed under
the Adventures of Noko Mashaba comic strip which is the flagship product of Rams Comics.

Our vision is to create a comprehensive and economically inclusive platform for
online shopping of African merchandise for the African Youth.

Khashane Motloutsi

Jonas Lekganyane



Culture is the glue that keeps our family together. At the core of our culture is the conviction
that we can improvise our way to success no matter the circumstances and challenges at hand.
We extend our culture to all our partners through our offering and by living our values daily.

Rabaki Store is about our customers first and foremost. We treat our customers as our partners.
Our customers are our merchants, our resellers and the people who buy products from
Rabaki Store directly or through any of our Resellers.

We improvise daily to ensure that our customers receive the best service
possible through the combined efforts of all who work at Rabaki Store.